Sunday, January 27, 2019

Tatting Conference 2019

Come and tat in a Winter Wonderland!
It's time for the Finger Lakes Tatting Conference 2019!

Conference Schedule

April 5th - 7th , 2019 at the Lodi Firehouse
Route 414, Lodi, NY

Project photos and more information:

Clarke - Tassel

Needle Tatting - D'Amone

Libin - Long Picot Earrings

Libin - Maltese Rings Pendant
(see more info below on this technique)

Robinson - Snow Crystal
Crotat Snowflake
Hill - Snowflake Pendant
Lodi Candle

Solomon - Ankars Stars

Solomon - Dancing Angels

Weathers - Hugs and Kisses Bell
Boniface - Dragonfly

A note from Nina Libin:
Color choices for kits for Nina’s classes may be found here:
Nina urges those who have signed up for her Maltese pendant class to review and practice making Maltese Rings. These may not be taught in class, knowing the Maltese Ring is a prerequisite for the class.  Luckily, there’s time to learn and practice.  Find a tutorial Nina recommends here: