Monday, January 22, 2018

Tatting Conference 2018

The 20th annual International Tatting Seminars in the Finger Lakes are scheduled for April 6th to 8th, 2018 and we’re going to have a tatting Fantasia!  

Click on the links:

(scroll down the page to see project images)

Workshop Project Images:
Beanile Butterfly - Libin
Bohemian Picot Bracelet - Cobb

Atom Necklace - Rockley

Celtic Snowflake  - Rotach
Catch a Star Necklace - Wachs

Celtic Bumblebee - Perry

Ice Drop Celtic Frog - Perry
Birthstone Necklace - Libin

Fantasia Sorcerer's Hat - Snyder
Dancing Hippo - Weathers
Little Cluny Snowflake - Dillman
Magic Wand - Solomon
Bobble - Houtz
Imagine That - Boniface
Mouse - Houtz
Faery - Solomon
Imagine That - Boniface